Aerosol fire extinguishing systems for archives

Archives contain the most valuable things of our time: information. Archives for companies, government offices, organizations, they all contain indispensable information that need protection.

Unfortunately most archives are poorly protected. At best, archives are included in the building’s sprinkler system, causing lots of water damage to the paperwork when activated. DSPA offers with its innovative aerosol fire extinguishing systems a solution for archives that is cost efficient, easy to install and complies with the highest standards of fire safety.

A DSPA fire extinguishing system typically consists of one or more DSPA aerosol generators and a highly sophisticated fire detection system, assuring the customer to be notified in the early developing phase of the fire, thus giving the customer the chance to prevent many unnecessary damages. If a fire does develop, the DSPA generators will activate and quickly extinguish the fire. DSPA aerosol generators are highly effective, non-pressurized and environmental friendly.

A DSPA extinguishing system is also very easy to install: they are not pressurized, no pipe work is required and the archive does not need to be air tight.

Other advantages:

  • Easily adaptable to your existing alarm system
  • Does not deplete oxygen levels
  • Is friendly to the environment
  • Does not cause over pressure
  • Easy to maintain


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