DSPA 12 Series Aerosol Generator

DSPA 12 Series Aerosol Generator


  • Exceptional effective non-toxic fire extinguishing agent
  • Uniquely easy to install and Maintain
  • Tested as per EN 15276-1, NEN-ISO 15779, UL 2775 and BRL K23001
  • Approved by EPA for SNAP listing
  • Ecologically safe and environmentally friendly (O.D.P.=0, G.W.P.=0)
  • Very cost efficient


Standalone aerosol fire extinguishing units with a thermal starter from the DSPA 12 series (DSPA 12-1, 12-2, 12-3, 12-4, 12-5) are intended to control and extinguish fires of flammable and combustible liquids, solid fuels and electrical equipment, including energized ones. The DSPA 12-1, 12-2, 12-3, 12-4 are also available with an electrical starter that can be connected to a control module.


The generators are used for fire protection of small volumes (electric cabinets, engine compartments, etc.) and vehicles.

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Part number
Total weight
Compound weight
Volume coverage

A(CW) + 30%
Discharge time
Activation, current
Operation conditions
100x20 mm
0,1 kg
0,15 m³
9-11 sec
100x28 mm
0,15 kg
0,29 m³
13-15 sec
120x20 mm
0,5 kg
0,54 m³
9-11 sec
120x30 mm
0,65 kg
1,07 m³
11-14 sec
80x16 mm
0,07 kg
0,05 m³
5-7 sec
Built-in starter, 1.3A (e) or built-in thermocord (t)
-40°C to 75°C/ -40°F to 167°F Up to 95% RH
Standard RAL 3000, other colours upon request

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