Product Certificates

Other DSPA listings, approvals and test reports include:

Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, Preliminary investigation in accordance with UL 2775

BRE Fire & Security / BRE Global, observed fire test with aerosol extinguishing system DSPA UL2127, No. 121351

BRE Fire & Security / BRE Global, test with DSPA aerosol suppression system for prison cell fire protection, No. 246190

Intertek ETL SEMKO, Product evaluation & test report UL 711 (Modified). No. 3145797

RINA, condensed aerosol extinguishing system - witness report. No. 2007CS015767

TNO quality Services BV, Product certificate of DSPA as fire extinguishing agent CEN EN15276-1, CEN EN15276-2, EN 12094, NFPA 2010, UL 2127, UL 1254, ISO-TC 21/SC 8 N 225, CEN TC 191, KIWA BRL-K23001/03. No. TQS-BRF-08-5028/nw

TNO quality Services BV, Analyse of Aerosol compound. No. TQS-RAP-07-1215

Fire fighting brigade Gelderland-Zuid NL, Experience and certification of DSPA-5 as a fire suppression agent

Republic of the Philippines, Department of the interior and local government, Bureau of Fire Protection, Approval for use of DSPA Fire fighting products in Philippines.

EMI Non profit Limited Liability Company for Quality control and innovation in building, test report EN 15276-1, EN 15276-2. No. M-570/2009

EMI Non profit Limited Liability Company for Quality control and innovation in building, Product Certificate. No: TMT-45/2009

Hughes Associates, Inc. DSPA Aerosol Generator ULC Witness tests UL GEL 8-06, ISO 15779. HAI #1697-000

EPA – SNAP listing of Substitutes – Powdered Aerosol G (Dry Sprinkler Powdered Aerosol (DSPA) Fixed Generators), December 2012

KIWA Nederland B.V., Study on DSPA 11-1 aerosol forming compound (toxological study). No 111002338

Thales Nederland B.V., ., External qualification report – DSPA aerosol generators Environmental tests. No. 9505 330 889XX 001

Thales Nederland B.V., External qualification report – electromagnetic compatibility of DSPA igniter according to EN 55011 and EN 61000-4-3. No. 9505 331 739XX 001  

Efectis Nederland B.V., Report regarding measurement data of tests on Condensed Dry Aerosol Generators of DSPA. No. 2012 efectis-R0570

Efectis Nederland B.V, Determination of the extinguishing properties of DSPA. No. 2012-efectis-R0608

DSPA-5 Test Report, Canadian Forces Fire Marshal

Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, ISO 9001:2008 Certificate No. RQA941732

Republic of Korea, KFI Approval DSPA 5. No. FPD03-03C(0)

Sultanate of Oman, Civil Defense Approval,

Kingdom of Bahrain – ministry of the interior, Civil Defense Approval

State of Qatar, QCDD Certificate, Civil Defense Approval

Maldives National Defense Force Cert. no. 28-LA-1/priv/2016/1894

* Copies of the product certificates are available for DSPA customers upon request

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