Product Certificates is continuously investing in its quality and certification program, having our production facility yearly audited under KIWA & BSI Kitemark.

DSPA Aerosol generators are CE-marked and fully certified according to the highest and most stringent international standards for condensed aerosol fire suppression systems.

Applicable international standard certificates by accredited notified bodies:

  • EN 15276-1
  • ISO 15779
  • KIWA BRL K23001
  • UL 2775
  • NFPA 2010
  • AS 4487
  • ISO 9094

Regulatory Certificates:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • BSI Kitemark
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • EPA SNAP listing
  • ATEX

Additional certificates issued by:

  • CSIRO - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Certificate of conformity
  • DEKRA – DEKRA CERTIFICATION B.V., Type Examination
  • RINA – Registro Italiano Navale, Type Approval Certificate
  • ABS – American Bureau of Shipping, Product Design Assessment
  • ECB – European Certification Bureau, Certificate of Compliance

* Copies of the product certificates are available for DSPA customers upon request

Other DSPA listings, certificates, approvals and test reports include:

Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, Preliminary investigation in accordance with UL 2775

BRE Fire & Security / BRE Global, observed fire test with aerosol extinguishing system DSPA UL2127, No.    121351

- BRE Fire & Security / BRE Global, test with DSPA aerosol suppression system for prison cell fire protection,    No. 246190

Intertek ETL SEMKO, Product evaluation & test report UL 711 (Modified). No. 3145797

- RINA, condensed aerosol extinguishing system - witness report. No. 2007CS015767

- TNO quality Services BV, Product certificate of DSPA as fire extinguishing agent CEN EN15276-1, CEN    EN15276-2, EN 12094, NFPA 2010, UL 2127, UL 1254, ISO-TC 21/SC 8 N 225, CEN TC 191, KIWA    BRL- K23001/03. No. TQS-BRF-08-5028/nw

- TNO quality Services BV, Analyse of Aerosol compound. No. TQS-RAP-07-1215

- Fire fighting brigade Gelderland-Zuid NL, Experience and certification of DSPA-5 as a fire suppression agent   for prevention of flashovers and backdrafts.

- Republic of the Philippines, Department of the interior and local government, Bureau of Fire Protection,   Approval for use of DSPA Fire fighting products in Philippines.

- EMI Non profit Limited Liability Company for Quality control and innovation in building, test report EN   15276-1, EN 15276-2. No. M-570/2009

- EMI Non profit Limited Liability Company for Quality control and innovation in building, Product Certificate.   No: TMT-45/2009

- Hughes Associates, Inc. DSPA Aerosol Generator ULC Witness tests UL GEL 8-06, ISO 15779. HAI #1697-000

- EPA – SNAP listing of Substitutes – Powdered Aerosol G (Dry Sprinkler Powdered Aerosol (DSPA) Fixed   Generators), December 2012

- KIWA Nederland B.V., Study on DSPA 11-1 aerosol forming compound (toxological study). No 111002338

- Thales Nederland B.V., ., External qualification report – DSPA aerosol generators Environmental tests. No.   9505 330 889XX 001

- Thales Nederland B.V., External qualification report – electromagnetic compatibility of DSPA igniter   according to EN 55011 and EN 61000-4-3. No. 9505 331 739XX 001  

- Efectis Nederland B.V., Report regarding measurement data of tests on Condensed Dry Aerosol Generators   of DSPA. No. 2012 efectis-R0570

- Efectis Nederland B.V, Determination of the extinguishing properties of DSPA. No. 2012-efectis-R0608

- DSPA-5 Test Report, Canadian Forces Fire Marshal

- Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, ISO 9001:2008 Certificate No. RQA941732

- Republic of Korea, KFI Approval DSPA 5. No. FPD03-03C(0)

- Sultanate of Oman, Civil Defense Approval,

- Kingdom of Bahrain – ministry of the interior, Civil Defense Approval

- State of Qatar, QCDD Certificate, Civil Defense Approval

- Maldives National Defense Force Cert. no. 28-LA-1/priv/2016/1894