Standalone Aerosol fire suppression Activators

Standalone Aerosol fire suppression Activators

For smaller applications like switchgear, electrical cabinets, small transformer stations, cargo containers etc. DSPA offers a simple, yet multi-functional standalone aerosol solutions for fire detection and extinguishing. Using Thermocord or the Nofiq FMD (Fire Management Device) and a DSPA aerosol generator of choice.

Waterproof Thermocord

Thermocord can be used as part of a highly effective fixed extinguishing system. A Thermocord is installed to a DSPA Generator and can be used for the detection of fire and the activation of the DSPA generator. The DSPA Thermocord in combination with a DSPA generator are effective on class A,B, C and F fires. By having the Thermocord installed within the generating, any other means of detection/activation are made redundant. This makes it a very effective and cost efficient solution, while remaining reliability.

Protective spring


The DSPA heat responsive Thermocord is recommended for the protection of objects and narrow compartments such as engine compartments, electrical cabinets, switchgears and cable ducts. The Heat-sensitive cord activates when the temperature rises to 165°C (waterproof version), or when the cord comes in to contact with an open flame (regular version). It is advised to have the DSPA Thermocord extended for better coverage and connected to the DIN-rail of the cabinet, cablecases and connected together by using regular tie-wraps. There is optionally a protectivespring available for heavy duty applications.


The DSPA TPE-1B, is a standalone fire detection and activation unit developed for small applications such as electrical cabinets, switchgear rooms and more.  It enables a basic autonomous and automatic fire suppression system in combination with our aerosol fire suppression generators.                                                            

The TPE-1B detects fire by means of a Day-Impex Glass bulb, commonly known as a sprinklerhead. Glass bulb fire detection is a very reliable and economic way to detect a fire. In order to enable the activation of the fire suppression unit, the glassbulb is connected to the specially designed, battery operated base unit.

When the bulb bursts, at a pre-specifiedtemperature, a microswitch is released, and the energy of the battery activatesthe fire extinguishing generators. You can request the Datasheet or manual here.



·             Surfaces of max. 18m2 .

·             Certified bulbs in 68ºC 93ºC & 141ºC

·             2 Aerosol Generators

·             5 years guaranteed battery lifetime

Standalone TPE Protection

Nofiq FMD & FE-100

The NOFIQ FMD is a standalone fire management device that combines a multisensor detector with the basic features of a conventional fire panel. The multisensor (CO & Heat) will ensure detection in the very early stage of fire (Incipient), making quick and tailor made intervention possible. The FMD unit can activate any size of DSPA generator, making it applicable for the protection of a myriad of objects, enclosures and small sized rooms. Especially for the FMD, DSPA developed the FE-100 generator to make a compact detection and extinguishing unit. This generator can be mounted straight on to the management device.

The Nofiq FMD was developed with the purpose to fulfill the need for a standalone, simple to install solution for object based protection and to protect small sized rooms.


  • High end detection method based on CO and heat (Max & RoR)
  • Communication to other systems using the potential free output
  • 24/7 fault monitoring over the lines to the aerosol generator
  • Easy to install, easy to maintain
  • Detects in a very early stage: pre-alarm will give the customer the opportunity to response
  • Lowers the costs for object based protection using the best of Nofiq & DSPA




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