Automated Vertical Warehouses

Aerosol Fire Suppression for Automated Vertical Warehouses

Today, automated vertical warehousing systems are increasingly being used in modern companies. These systems enable large quantities to be stored in a small space. This is precisely where the challenge lies for the optimal fire protection of these machines. Since the available space is used optimally, both the installation of extinguishing devices and the distribution of the extinguishing agent are a major challenge.

DSPA fire suppression systems for paternoster storage are also very easy to install: they are not pressurized, no pipe work is required and the room does not need to be air tightened, making it the perfect fire safety system for any kind of storage room.

Water or foam sprinklers will not distribute the extinguishing agent sufficiently in the storage carousel, and these extinguishing agents are unsuitable for the plastics that are usually stored in large quantities.
DSPA  innovative aerosol extinguishing systems are ideal for use in goods paternosters and modula lifts.

It doesn't even require space inside the Pater Noster lifts, due to the easy possibility of exterior mounting with the flange mounted DSPA 2-4-1 and combined with aspiration detection, even maintenance can be executed from the exterior.

The aerosol extinguishing agent is optimally distributed throughout the entire vertical storage system. DSPA aerosol generators are very efficient, the lowest mass of suppression agent (grams per cubic meter)  is required to protect any enclosure.

DSPA aerosol has the unique characteristic to have a EN-15276-1 and ISO-15779 certified hold-time of at least 30 minutes with leakages present. Something which is the certifiable maximum, where tests done even exceeded these 30 minutes. Where any other suppression solution will not exceed 10 minutes. In contrast to gas extinguishing systems, there is no need for complex installation and maintenance work.

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