Fayette County Fire Service

Aerosol Fire Extinguishing

I am chief of a rural department with 170 volunteers covering 704 sq. miles in SW Tennessee. Much of the area has no water mains and we rely on dry hydrants for water much of the time. To cover this area, I maintain 45 pieces of apparatus from brush trucks to tankers. I did some research and demo on the DSPA 5. Although I was very skeptical at first, once the demo was complete, I was convinced this was a product that would improve our service and safety.

Not only does it improve our service with a faster knock down and control, it gives us time to get additional volunteers on the scene, lines laid and improve our chances for a successful rescue of any trapped victims.

I just placed units in each of our districts. I was totally pleased with the training we received on the units and their usage.

There is no doubt these will save the department, the home owner and insurance companies each time a unit is deployed. It’s a win-win situation for everyone

Chief Jerry Ray
Fayette County Fire Department
315 East Market St.
Somerville, TN 38068
901-466-7130 Office
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