Public Power Corporation Hellas S.A.
Aerosol Fire Extinguishing

Public Power Corporation Hellas S.A.

Project Name: Archive Room

Principle: Public Power Corporation Hellas S.A.

Location: Branch Store of PPC in Renti, Ag. Eleftheriou 114, Kaminia, Attica – Greece

Date of completion: 24/12/2010

Who is the customer?

Public Power Corporation S.A. is the biggest power producer and electricity supply company in Greece with more than 7.5 million customers. It is also the owner of the national electricity transmission system, as well as of the distribution networks.
Description of the situation:
Room volume: 1307m3
Purpose of the room: Archive Room (Filing)

Description of the situation

Room volume: 1307m3

Purpose of the room: Archive room


The customer needed a solution with the following characteristics:

  • Economic Material
  • Non-destructive material which will offer protection of stored files in case of system activation
  • Need for a non-toxic material, harmless to humans
  • Easy to install, absence of pipe network

Description of the solution


19pcs. of DSPA 8/2 & 1pcs. of DSPA 8/1

Detection / Activation:Via fire detection and extinguishment control panel

Detection:Rate of rise heat detector + Smoke detector (2 zones necessarily)

Contact details of the principle

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